About CP-AAT

About CP-AAT

CP-AAT (Certified Professional – Automation Agile Testing) is a 3 day training and certification program which helps you learn BDD, Gherkin, Cucumber, TDD, ATDD and how to launch acceptance test cases using Selenium.

CP-AAT stands for “Certified Professional – Automation Agile Testing” certification. The course is applicable for all roles and not just “testers”. Knowledge, experience & certification is consciously designed to focus on “agile testing” and automation of testing in agile and DevOps and not just on “agile testers” or “testers”.

CP-AAT prepares you for utilizing automation effectively in an agile project. It helps you realize the tester’s role in planning and strategizing for Testing particularly BDD Driven Test Automation. CP-AAT is designed specifically for working professionals who are already working in agile and DevOps practices and want to leverage TDD and BDD practices in optimizing the test specification and test automation. The course covers BDD in details using Cucumber and various facets of Gherkin (DSL). All the concepts are driven using real user stories and case studies which involve participants to write Gherkin Feature files and then code step files both for Unit and End to End level. The program introduces and goes in depth learning for practices / tools such as TDD, BDD, Cucumber, Junit and Selenium.

Am I Eligible ?

Anyone having 1-year experience in agile or testing is eligible for CP-AAT. Having prior knowledge of any programing language will come in very handy. If you know Selenium and you have cleared CP-SAT, this program would help you expand your test automation knowledge into agile automation.

Duration ?

Learning Program designed around CP-AAT can be completed in 2-3 days (total of 14-21 hours days) depending on the participants background and readiness. The CP-AAT exam is an open exam and can be taken by anyone who is working in Agile and is familiar in BDD using Cucumber.


CP-AAT exam is three hours exam. One-hour theory exam with multiple choice questions and a two-hour practical exam covering the concepts of TDD, BDD using Cucumber, Junit and Selenium. Getting more than 60% in both the exams is necessary to clear the CP-AAT exam ang get all the necessary requirements for getting the certificate fulfilled.

CP-AAT Learning Objective Version

This is version 2.0 of CP-AAT learning objective. The program has gone through a major revision. Version 2.0 learning objective has taken out sections on Fitness. The CP-AAT program now covers in depth BDD using Cucumber including all the Gherkin keywords. The CP-AAT program can now be taken using Specflow if the technology of choice is C# and .Net. Relevant sections of Cucumber will change to Specflow.

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