CP-AAT stands for “Certified Professional – Automation Agile Testing” certification prepared and honored by “Agile Testing Alliance” & “University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)”. CP-MAT is the prerequisite for this next level of certification called CP-AAT. Alternatively you should be having at least 3 years of relevant experience in Testing and at least one year in an Agile project. The course is applicable for all roles and not just “testers”. Knowledge, experience & certification is consciously designed to focus on “agile testing” and not just on “agile testers”.

How is it useful?

CP-AAT prepares you for utilizing automation effectively in an agile project. It helps you realize the tester’s role in planning and strategizing for Test Automation in an agile project. It gives you insight into the cost-benefit analysis, the opportunities and risks and the Agile team approaches to let the test-first strategy drive the quality goals of the projects. The course covers BDD and ATDD in a hands-on fashion using pairing techniques of XP. It also covers the real-life challenges that a tester would face while applying the strategies. All the concepts are driven using the case studies and actual test automation tasks involved in any live agile projects. The course introduces you to the automation tools such as Cucumber, JUnit, FitNesse and Selenium.

Am I Eligible ?

Anyone having more than 2 years experience in agile or testing is eligible for CP-AAT. If you have already done CP-MAT then you automatically qualify for this course provided you have 1 year experience.

Duration ?

CP-AAT is designed specifically for corporates and working professionals alike. If you are a corporate you can opt for either 5 half days course or 3 days course followed by an examination. If you are a working professional opt for 3 days course followed by an examination.

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